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There is no long questionnaire or profile soul-searching on Zoosk. The search function also only allows you to do a fairly basic search.The aim of the site is to make the process easy and fun, and to not expose the user to too much complexity. It is still a Facebook app, however it now also stands on its own two feet as a dating website and dating app.

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I was drawn to this site due to the positive reviews I had been reading when researching dating sites. He proposed to me in Cairns on 24th of August last year. I now have hard copy proof for all you believers of zoosk, the proof is that they are generating the biggest amount of your views, but don't believe me ask all your view members if they did view you?

This is an easy to navigate site and I had had an all-round great experience.2 years ago I read this guy's profile and I was like... We are getting married on the 2nd of September this year. you will be surprised at the answer as I was, I can give you the proof that ZOOSK is a scam just email me and I will send it complete with profiles as they are using us all and making millions to give false hope for many of us here and hopefully we will give them more of our hard earned do buy giving us this false hope, i want as many to complain not only to Zoosk that we are on to them and their deceitful ways but also complain to the federal member of fair trade This site is the worst!

I met a lady who was contacted in an attempt to steal money from here. I just terminated my subscription with Zoosk, because I have met a really nice lady and I hope for the best for both of us. The problem I have with Zoosk is pricing and what you get for it. I wanted to take a one-month subscription, which was announced at 30$ (or something).

After I completed the whole subscription process, I was told that subscription price was 30$ (or something) PLUS a 25$ activation fee.

He is the one I want to spend the rest of my life with. It's easy to use and yes paying for it is important because that's how you find some real nice guys who are willing to pay to meet someone. It appears to have genuine heart hurt wanting a mate females hah hah, that is far from reality, and even the young males are complaining about it in reviews!