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Europe actually banned one of the company’s earlier commercials for being too violent.Apparently jocks wreaking havoc on unsuspecting bar patrons with stray darts is a sight unfit for the masses, but emergency allergies, broken glass and bonked heads are totally fine.

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Zoosk dating service commercial

Zadeh worked at Microsoft after graduating with a master's degree from University of Maryland in computer science, which is part of the University of Maryland College of Computer, Mathematical, and Natural Sciences.

Mehr earned his master's degree and Ph D and later worked for NASA.

A man walks into a cafe for a date with a woman whom he met on Zoosk.

At first, he thinks the woman he sees from behind at the table nearby is her.

At Zoosk, we know the funny little hiccups that happen on early dates are some of the best memories to share when you get farther down the dating road.