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This made me feel ashamed of myself and of my family. I was about to tell her that I was not comfortable with this when she said, “I have some money, I can pay you for a place to sleep then tomorrow will go find a place to stay! ” My husband asked me and I realised that I had not told her. No mother wants to know that they raised a child stupid enough to be sugarbaby. With these kids today, no matter what you give them they will always want more. She found the whole situation funny and said her grandfather was still hot if he could attract someone so young. I knew my brother and how many women he had toyed with.

I was ashamed to stand in front of my husband even because much as he knew about her, the moment she walked through that door I had become complicit to the crime. Yes it was not my fault that my father was cheating but surely her being here made me part of the problem in more ways than one. ” She offered when she saw the unhappiness and perhaps anger on my face. It was not her though that I was angry at it was him. His intervention was timely though because she was on the verge of bursting into tears. Mapula will give you food and then we can come talk ok? I had no energy to give her a tour of the house because she would not be staying here long with us. She is still a child at the end of the day and if ever a day came where someone treated Lintle like this how would you feel? “Lintle wouldn’t be stupid enough to date a grandfather! Unless you as the parent like things yourself surely you have to be disgusted by it. Thank God for anti-retroviral otherwise we would be burying more of them by the day! Don’t be fooled, half of the socialites you see on your instagram and on TV are infected not affected. I drove Lintle to school for the first time in days. He hadn’t changed at all but if she wanted to second guess me then maybe she should learn for herself.

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