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The primary goal of our marriages, our homes, and our families should not be to impress the watching world. Essentially, anything I can find on Pinterest falls into the "doesn't matter much" category. It would tickle my heart pink to throw fantastic themed parties, earn a few bragging rights with other parents by sending something creative with my child to school, or to catch some more quality time with my boys by coaching something they're interested in, but I've had to come face to face with a foundational truth about motherhood: I often have to rehearse these words in the mirror . When I found out I had a moment of panic, wishing I was able to drop everything to deliver pizza to a class of hungry and excited preschoolers. God is more honored by a woman who makes wise choices with her time than by a momma stretched so thin she has no time to seek Him.

Anything that requires the work of my heart and the selfless service of my hands tends to hang out in the "matters a great deal" side of the ledger. It's why birthday parties around here consist of a favorite meal and a boxed cake. So bring on the store-bought valentines and the boxed cakes.

It comes with all the opulent comforts the others offer, though containing more specialized equipment. I call this the work room because of it's direct proximity to the training quarters.

Y 1.1/2: SERIAL 14640 United States Congressional Ser Government Documents 106th Congress — 2d Session Januai T 24-December 15, 2000 House Document No.

A third yet is kept downstairs, near the training quarters.