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That contributes to the idea that the artifacts really are just going to float away after this expansion, which seems limiting.

One of the things that I’ve thought would be a fun change of pace was to have multiple artifacts for a single spec, each one providing a different sort of boost for a slightly different playstyle.

Full patch notes for 7.1.5 have not yet been released, but we know they'll consist of significant class changes.

The goal of these, as detailed in the overview video above, is to "improve overall class balance while also making each spec more fun to play and allowing for more diverse talent choices." Secondary stats have also been tweaked to present players with more potential item upgrades.

and frankly, Karazhan (which was the centerpiece of the patch) didn’t really have a whole lot of staying power. Mind you, 7.1 is still more of a content patch than 6.1 was, so I’m arguing more that it wasn’t substantial enough to really sell itself rather than dredging up some truly awful comparisons. Regardless, 7.2 is a meaty update with a whole lot of stuff going on all at once, including a whole bunch of storyline content bringing us into the actual war against the Legion proper.