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If the relationship works in the end, it's become Nobody Thinks It Will Work. If the father is depicted more sympathetically, he may be a Troubled Sympathetic Bigot who ends up having to reconcile his desire to see his daughter happy with his own personal hang-ups about her boyfriend. Alternately, he may realize that his daughter's boyfriend really a dangerous scumbag or a mooching bum, and he ends up turning into a Papa Wolf to protect her when her boyfriend puts her in danger or is leading her towards a dead-end, futureless life.

A Russian man has been seriously injured in a revenge attack after he allegedly insulted a Mexican community in videos he posted to social media.

A mob of angry residents from Cancun, Mexico, threw rocks at Aleksei Makeev, 42, while chanting 'You're going to die' and 'I'm going to cut your head off', as they inched closer to the half-naked Russian, who was hiding in his apartment.

The main requirement is that the potential date has some qualities that the father hates in people, and this motivates the daughter to love her date more.

Usually a comedy trope, could be a love trope, can lead to a Parental Marriage Veto if the character lasts more than one scene/episode.

A five-year-old child, named Marlon Buzaglo Campos, also suffered serious burns in the blaze, Globo reports.