Who is katherine heigl dating

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We were just hanging out, having drinks, having dinners — as friends! " Heigl insists their relationship was not romantic.

"He would talk to me about other hot girls and stuff; it was friends," she told Corden.

Heigl gave birth to a baby boy, Joshua Bishop Kelley, Jr., eight weeks ago.

Katherine Heigl "never intended to be difficult" to work with, but she also admits, "I'm fully aware I'm a neurotic actor," and that she's matured quite a bit in recent years."I'm less afraid of what everyone thinks of me," she tells us. I'm absolutely a neurotic actor and we all kind of are, but I'm less atwitter and I'm less defensive and I'm less afraid of what everybody thinks of me.

Who else would love to be a fly on the wall at an event where Kelley and Mayer run into each other?


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