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” Yes, on this lovely day, we are going to shade light on dating life of former Bravo star, public speaking plus relationship expert and celebrated journalist Julia Alison.

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It was bringing out my aggressive, ambitious and slightly caustic self," the star shares with Hollywood Life.

"I had trouble segueing my dating habits from the New York scene, which is super aggressive, and that wasn't going over well here,” Julia tells the site. Right."By the way – mental note to future Julia – "Don't let your daughters watch Sex & the City unless you first make them sign a binding legal agreement that they will not attempt to become Carrie!

She sat—or rather whirled like a dervish—at the nexus of tech-world geekery (as she was nominally a “founder”), good old-fashioned media-baiting (she rose to her sort of fame after wearing a bustier made of condoms to a Gawker party full of journalists), and New York’s fizzy hangover from a decade of Carrie Bradshaw “I remember the first piece Gawker wrote about me.

I saw a couple holding hands and I thought ‘just wait.

“Julia represented the industrialization of self-promotion,” said Jason Tanz, who profiled Ms. “People were going to start using the Internet as a personal branding platform, and Julia was one of the first to get there.” “I mean I met her like twice? Allison emerged as a favorite subject on the gossip blog. “The internet felt smaller,” said former Gawker editor Jessica Coen, now at Jezebel.