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“This came up during contract negotiations,” an anonymous Fox staffer reportedly told Gawker.

“Shep wanted to and was ready to come out, and Roger just said ‘no.'” As WND reported, CNN anchor Anderson Cooper came out of the closet in 2012 to announce he is homosexual.

Grandmother was a professional dancer at the theatre in London’s West End during the Second World War served in the Women’s Royal Naval army.

Met with her future husband during his stay in London, where he served, she secretly fled to the United States.

Ο Don Champagne (Patrick Wilson), επιτυχημένος πωλητής επίπλων, και η Mona (Katherine Heigl), η ψυχαναγκαστική σύζυγος του που θέλει να έχει πάντα τον έλεγχο, είναι το φαινομενικά τέλειο ζευγάρι. Οι Ανεγκέφαλοι: Ο Ντέιβιντ Γκαντ είναι κολλημένος σε μια μονότονη ζωή.