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She has also worked as the substitute host for CTV National News and served as the news international affairs correspondent. She was born in Ontario, Canada and is a TV journalist.

She is the daughter born to David Laflamme(father) and Kathleen Laflamme(Mother). Mary's high school for her education after that she completed her graduation from The University of Ottawa.

Review of Mesozoic Exploration Plays in the Montenegro – NW Albania Segment of South Adriatic Basin, Zamir Bega and Z. Unlocking Reserves from a Secondary Reservoir in a Mature Field Through Integration and Engineering Approach: A Case Study from Oriente Basin, M-2 Reservoir, Eden-Yuturi Oilfield, Ecuador, Nestor Vasconez, Luciano Bravo, Ricardo Grijalva, Raul Jose Baez, Anne Valdez, Esteban Alba, Diego Tapia, Jonny Lomas, and Martha Castillo, #10978 (2017). Giles, Thomas Hearon, Mark Rowan, and Rip Langford, #10959 (2017).

Experimental Workflow Applied to Marine Source Rocks Sampled in the Montney-Doig Formations of the Western Canada Sedimentary Basin, William Sassi, Elisabeth Bemer, Marc Fleury, Guillaume Berthe, Maria-Fernanda Romero-Sarmiento, and Tristan Euzen, #10977 (2017). Onshore San Joaquin Basin and Temblor Range, California: New Insights into the Structural Framework and Exploration Potential of a Complex and Mature Fold and Thrust Belt, Matteo Molinaro, Thomas Hauge, Sean O'Connor, Anthony Salem, Olga V. High Impact Exploration Inventory in an Emerging Hydrocarbon Province, Morandava Basin, Offshore Madagascar, Irewole J.

She has also interviewed many more notable figures.

Deciphering Interplay of Tectonism and Redox Conditions on Temporal Variation in Total Organic Carbon Content in the Marcellus Shale: Evidence from Multiple Geochemical Proxies, Ruiqian Chen and Shikha Sharma, #51421 (2017).

Back when her Twitter was a thing, she had plenty to say.


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