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Miss Crawford said she planned to go East when she finished her current picture and would bring the girl home with her. Handy, Babe Ruth, and Joe Louis.)[This year the press links Joan romantically with Kleenex heir James Kimberly, director David Miller, agent Jennings Lang, director Nicholas Ray, gigolo Porfirio Rubirosa, actor Jeff Chandler, and Rock Hudson.

Here’s 20 times Hollywood was guilty of white-washing movies…

Josh’s character in the original comic book mini-series is called Sheriff Eben Olemaun and is of Inuit descent. Liz could rock a mean wig but she was very much not from Egypt like the famous ruler.

Ha exhibited a bruise on his left wrist caused, he said, by handcuffs being clamped tightly on him.

Johnson protested that he had already viewed the studio screening of the picture.

Also this month she works at Paramount on an Irving Asher-produced film called Lisbon, an international spy tale. Before leaving for the Las Vegas wedding, the two argue about who will be dropped off first at their studios. It's her first time at her old studio since leaving in 1943.