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Last night (February 11), Cam’ron responded to Jim Jones’ recent, highly talked about, tell-all interview with Funkmaster Flex during which Jim told his version of the history of Dipset—good and bad. “The reason I’m doing this is because Jim Jones did an interview with Funkmaster Flex after he signed with Roc Nation and he basically was trying make me look like a bad guy which I’m not. No problem being a bad guy but, in this particular case, I’m not.” Killa went through his own personal and career history before addressing when he and Jim’s relationship took a serious turn for the worse that has never fully healed. Cam recounted that he and Jim used to share women sexually and it stopped once Jim started dating his now fiancé Chrissy Lampkin. After I did that, everything went downhill and niggas start acting like, ‘It’s the business.’ Start acting like, ‘Cam is robbing us. This was the deal: Juelz was signed to me and that’s it. Stack Bundles might have gotten out of Far Rockaway if he would have an album out.” “My thing is, keep shit in-house,” Cam would declare. What we doing right now is bird shit, but I don’t want niggas thinking I’m some bad type of guy.

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12) doesn’t remember it that way, but insists he’s happy for his one time brother-in-arms.

“A lot of stuff he was saying was based on emotion and wasn’t true because he’s an emotional guy.

I never had no paperwork with Jim so how could I rob him?

Ryan Mc Cartan and Dove Cameron have been dating for three years and they are undoubtedly the most adorable couple in Disney Channel history.

Disney Channel stars Dove Cameron and Ryan Mc Cartan are engaged.