Who is bruce springsteen dating

Nonetheless, most rock stars names have been linked with a long string of attractive women, but Bruce’s list doesn’t seem to be that long.The first serous official Bruce Springsteen girlfriend of record was future wife Julianne Phillips, a classic West Coast WASP who grew up opposite the Jersey shore in more ways than one.Sclalfa was performing alongside another Springsteen associate, Bobby Bandiera.

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Although Springsteen and Phillips were clearly infatuated with one another, they were unable to meet in the middle from their respective separate worlds.

They hadn’t been married for very long when Springsteen and the woman who was to become the second Bruce Springsteen wife, backup singer Patti Scialfa, began appearing onstage with the Boss in ways that made it clear that their relationship had progressed from professional to personal.

The couple now have three children and have been married ever since.

Whispers of infidelities inevitably plague any couple who lives their life in the spotlight, but the whispers may have had some substance in the case of Springsteen and fellow gym member Ann Kelly.

Springsteen and Phillips divorced in 1989, although they had separated the previous year.