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When Jones was a freshman at West Virginia University, his grandmother died of cancer; Jones only missed one game of his three-year college career, which was to attend her funeral.

Police said Jones was being disruptive at the hotel and later "head-butting" and kicking officers who arrested him.

Previously released videos show Jones' friend attempting to talk to police saying an arrest would "hurt the kids."The officer responded that "he's disturbing my Downtown, he's going to jail."Hamilton County Prosecutor Joe Deters dropped a felony charge of harassment with a bodily substance last month after Jones' physician informed Deters "Jones was doing well in treatment." Jones was accused of spitting on a female nurse at the Hamilton County Jail after his arrest.

Previous reporting: In body camera video released Monday, the police officer who arrested Adam "Pacman" Jones on Jan.

2 can be heard telling Jones to stop yelling and informing his friend that Jones is going to jail.

Jones began his time in Dallas under close league scrutiny after he was suspended for the entire 2007 season for multiple violations of the conduct policy while he was a member of the Titans.