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Navigating a Romance Regulating Your Emotions Dealing with Family Community Q&A Dating a divorced man can come with unique challenges.

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If you’re anxious about not hearing from the guy that you like, this is what you need to know when waiting for him to contact you. So if you’ve just met someone, take good inventory of your emotions.

Have you ever heard of a thing called ‘the three day rule? If you meet a guy observing this rule, don’t freak. Ask yourself why you’re so invested, in a stranger? If you’ve been dating a guy for awhile, and he doesn’t call or text when he says he will don’t freak out.

The objective is to maintain your sanity, and your emotional state.

There is nothing more unattractive than an insecure woman projecting her insecurities on a man.

"Once this happens, good luck getting your husband to voluntarily put forth effort into anything again—including your marriage! Eventually your man's self-esteem will erode and he'll lose his connection to you. Your house of worship can fill the void: "Many offer marriage workshops and discussion groups," Nations says.