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*Wake Skating - Everyone from beginner to expert can show their stuff on the Wake Zone Cableway.*The Wild One - Two people are pulled by a Jet Ski around the lake on big, bouncy tubes that make for a wild ride.

Multi-person rides*Disco H2O - Start off in a tube traveling through a dark tunnel that sends you down a huge drop, and before you know it you find yourself traveling around a room filled with disco music and disco lights, as you go down this mini drop with water shooting in your face from the waterfall.*The Surge - A 5-story tube ride that carries a 4-passenger tube down 600 feet of banked turns, radical twists and diabolical dips.*Bubba Tub - Grab the family and climb aboard one of the four-passenger tubes for a six-story, triple dip drop ride.*The Black Hole - 1000 gallons a minute sends a two-person tube rocketing through 500-feet of twisting, turning darkness on this space-age thrill ride. Kids rides*Bubble Up - A huge, wet inflatable bubble made just for kids who climb, bounce, and slide into three feet of water.*Kid's Park - You'll find miniature versions of a lot of the rides and a gigantic bucket that periodically fills with water and splashes into the pool below.

The Black Hole currently reopened under the moniker "The Black Hole: The Next Generation" and now features more light effects, fog, and an updated ride boarding area. Other activities*Lazy River - The Lazy River is a stream that goes around surrounded by beautiful trees and flowers with old boat docks, rustic billboards, and waterfalls.

*The Flyer - Travel around in a 4-person raft that sends you on on an exciting, family-fun ride that covers 450 feet of hairpin turns and banked curves.*The Blast - Take a raging ride along a raptured pipeline that will thrill you to the core and soak you to the bone.*Brain Wash - This is Wet 'n Wild - Orlando's newest attraction. You will emerge wanting to ride it again and again. Tubes are available for rent if you want them, but it is optional.*Wave Pool Surf Lagoon - The Wave Pool Surf Lagoon contains four-foot waves that roll across the 17,000 square foot pool, surrounded by comfortable seating and punctuated by a dramatic waterfall.

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