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USA Chat is a special chat room for American chatters.

You should only ask practical, answerable questions based on actual problems that you face.

Strange sex facts are a great way to show your smarts in, well, very few situations. See what you know about some of sex's strangest and most fascinating questions.

Wellwellwell, looks who's back....after what 4 months of being down Babble has returned... Just here to have a good time with as many sexy women as I can find. == Results from == 98% Primal (Hunter) 68% Daddy/Mommy 67% Non-monogamist 61% Voyeur 59% Degrader 58% Experimentalist... I like intense, descriptive cyber/role play with women who enjoy being used for a man's pleasure.

They claim they will give you a private peep show for free but you have to go to a certain web site and enter your credit card info.