Want to end a 4 year dating relationship

Three days later i recieved a call from him saying he didnt think we should be together anymore as we were missing out on life.

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If your relationship is over, the gamesman(woman)ship should be over to.

End the Relationship in a Public Place When the intimacy has gone in the relationship, it makes no sense to end it in an intimate environment.

In a short video released on Teddy's birthday last year, she was even seen kissing him on the cheek, making many people envious of their relationship.

In 2014's 'SBS Actors Award,' Han Ye Seul publicly declared her love for Teddy after receiving an award, by saying, "..lastly, I want to say, I love you, to my boyfriend Teddy, who I love very much.

Two, because after four years he did not value me enough to tell me to my face but did it by phone!!