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The latter half of their career saw a series of record-breaking tours that earned the group a reputation for excess and debauchery.

Although they remained commercially and critically successful, their output and touring schedule were limited during the late 1970s, and the group disbanded following Bonham's death from alcohol-related asphyxia in 1980.

The impact causes the string to vibrate enough to sound the note, and the volume can be controlled by varying the force of impact.

Jordan taps with both hands, and more legato than is normally associated with guitar tapping.

This last week it has come to light that a lawyer representing deceased Spirit guitarist Randy California is claiming that Led Zeppelin stole the intro for "Stairway to Heaven" from Spirit's song "Taurus." Attorney Francis Alexander Malofiy is seeking to prevent the release of the upcoming Led Zeppelin IV reissue later this year unless Randy California is given a writing credit on ' Stairway to Heaven.


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    Because of Madden’s insistence that the game be as realistic as possible, the first version of John Madden Football did not appear…

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