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The dating site reports that Calgary women are the least picky, followed by women in Edmonton and Toronto.

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“Vancouver women complained a lot about the men in Vancouver,” says Dormer. Whereas the men felt the women were only after one thing, which is money.” Some, he also believes, are genuinely looking for love.

Many, he feels, are simply fed up with online dating. “People in person don’t always live up to their online profiles. You want to give the best impression of yourself that you possibly can.” Things have changed since Dormer’s single days.

When a city is as beautiful as Vancity, the options are endless.

Nature lovers are particuarly spoiled for choice: whether you want to explore a hiking trail, relax in a park or head out onto the water, Vancouver can provide.

Consistently named as one of the top five cities worldwide for livability and quality of life, it’s no wonder we love to call this vibrant city home. With the day to day buzz of life in Van, finding someone special is not easy. People often become disenchanted by online dating because they find themselves surrounded by singles who aren't on the same page romantically. Elite Singles members are those who are looking to share their life with someone special.


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