Validating multiple choice test items

Glibness aside, I actually did find this to be a pretty useful book and it'll be kept within easy reach as a reference book in my office.

I picked it up because I was developing a high stakes, multiple-choice test for a work project and wanted to make sure I was doing things right and covering all Hey kids!

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This book is the most comprehensive treatment of the rationale and rules for multiple-choice item writing, the most useful format for measuring, and the research behind it.

Treating the study of item responses in the framework of validity theory, this book: provides a conceptual basis for item writing; reviews the issue of constructed- versus selected-response testing; presents a variety of formats; provides guidance in developing items; offers a basis for reviewing, evaluating, and improving items; and speculates about the future of item development and validation.

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This third edition contains some significant revisions that I hope will be an improvement over the previous two editions.