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Be- tween, on the whitewashed plaster, those young American airmen had left their signatures, and drawings ot pin-up girls. Not like when the Americans was here, changed ,a lot, it has! There were nights when you couldn't get into this place with a shoe horn! " "Ycfl." he said, holding the glass up to the light. " "Well, ain't no tellin' how much sve owes "m." observed the landlord. and calling tn each other across the room as if they owned the place. They just had no respect for us," Then the girl spoke up suddenly. " she saitl gently, and iliouyh she spoke so quietly, every- one stupped and listened to her — the two locals on the bench bv the cold fireplace, the two strangers who had just come in, the landlord, the sour man, and the dog. " Hitler was their danger quite as much as ours, but they didn't rome in till Pearl Harho T. "7'hc pubs were aiwavs dosed, with no more beer to sell, because of them. I knew one who sent home for an electric blan- ket! Surely we didn't begrudge them anything." " — I've bin give smokes b' total strangers. \ holv light was shining down from behind the cross. Just a*," Vou think I don't want that, coo r Jrm cried, ^aurkio K tier hands Jiid g Tiijpt Mtj them, "^ou think I don't want to gfat ynu that.- 1 But I'm eauwht in thi*, i : 'A.-. '"You don't want to be talking to me." he observed. on 'hose trips that had iometnmg to do with his work.

In the walls arid ceiling of the bar there was oak winch has existed three hundred years as trees and four hundred as black beams. Burt : -till held the speed record lor drink- ing iug iln in .mi- go. quiet," smiled tin- landlord, making the glass squeak "Not like il used to be. They might have died any day." "We ruined ourselves ill two wars lor them." said the sour man. When thev were here, they swarmed into every place and bought up everything. He said: "That's going to be the American memorial chapel in St. Millions of British people contributed thousands and thousands of pounds for it. That'll show cou:" the photograph of the model was good. lo ALL MILK TRAY CHOCOLATES ARC FOIL WRAPPED TO RETAIN THEIR FRESHNESS AND FLAVOU* ? Thai'* what I want, the two oi ui starting bv our- lelve*. ""Do vou havr the kind of job Jim would fit into ■ f " uire he'll take it- He*l vol some fancy, idealistic bug in hi* head about this Gov- ernment work he*s doing, Does he know v Ou're here today, Linda ? M T wasn't »urr moueh about you." tincir Larl uniled at her, and flipped the little button That ronnecred him with r he- rest of the world. I've eot somelhmg to tell you — something good." "'Ten o'clock ? "Coffer at the Shack ' ' Prrf cc t," she told him,. The i*lands in the red circles wctc ones Jim had been to.

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