Updating vor in flight simulator 9

Latvian airfields project, V2.0 Includes every airfield in Latvia that has ICAO code, except Riga Intl (EVRA) which is available as separate download here and Liepaja Intl (EVLA) which is so far left untouched.Also introduced in this scenery is VEN VOR/DME near EVVA Ventspils.


If you will not have this remark, ATC will assume you have the old version andhandle you accordingly.

We’ll be making improvements to the graphics, flight model, and interface technology, and releasing them as free updates available through the App Store.

We have big plans for the future of the mobile sim!

You can easily modify any of Flight Simulator airports, convert your favorite AFCADs to FSX and enhace them with FSX-specific features, or even design a new airport from scratch.


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