Updating vintage appliances

It's perhaps a surprise that there's no computerized, precisely calibrated range in the kitchen of their Oakland home.No, everything hot that they put out on their vast oval-shaped dining-room table comes out of a 1950s-era Wedgewood they both adore.

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Before a technician does any troubleshooting or removes parts, to avoid personal injury or even death: First they would disconnect your stove from its power source - unplug it, break the connection at the circuit breaker or fuse box. Each loop may have different voltage and watts After an element is taken out clean each loop to read different voltages and watts stamped on each.

It may take some time for these products to work to loosen the parts. A technician reinstalling should be careful the part does not 'fry' due to faulty installation.

Information stamped on the element block, plug and frame - Voltage, wattage/kw, model, type, etc. Email digital pictures of element: a.) Front, then turn over to take picture of the Back. If I hadnt found your site I wouldve had to buy a new oven, which I didnt want to do because of financial and sentimental reasons. Our service company wanted to write down the name of your company to tell his customers that have old appliances where I got my parts from. Thanks for helping us in more ways than I can count. I'll be throwing your name around to anybody that needs help or repairs! Insurance Coverage or Signature Confirmation Delivery Available on request.

I went home on my lunch break because I was so nervous and excited to see if the element works AND IT DOES! ), the other told me he would have to make a house call to tell me if he could fix it even though I told him I could bring it to him, and the third guy was at least nice enough to tell me he couldnt do it. Now my wife will get off my a** now that she has her oven back (she's one hell of a cook)!

less A Wedgewood stove purchased by Oakland resident Don Link is equipped with spider burner covers, chrome-covered griddle with moat to trap grease, easy-to-clean pull outs, enameled broiler and storage ...


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