Updating scott 350 tuner

Typically when you upgrade a computer from one operating system to the very next level up, you don't want the new system replacing or deleting anything without your knowledge and approval.

updating scott 350 tuner-45

This is an older card that takes in analog signals in SD, not HD, from cable or antenna, although we found some TV tuner card users had other models.

Device Manager clearly recognizes the tuner card for what it is.

We have enjoyed seeing all of the 2015 WRX custom tune results being posted around the ‘net and decided to jump in with our own after a bit of playing around with our car on the Austin R&D dyno today.

While this combo of parts isn’t likely to be an pre-configured OTS “Stage X” package that is available from us, we try to do as much hard parts testing as we can to make sure we have a good understanding of the cars.

But let's concede right off the bat, it's not an easy or intuitive solution, so don't blame yourself thinking there's something you missed.


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