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After reinserting the modules, make sure they are the same height to ensure correct placement. Testing the modules will help you rule out if the source of your problems is really a faulty memory module or if there are other issues. Operating system bugs and poorly written software can lead to computer memory leaks, page faults, and other errors.Major bugs and issues should be easy to locate on support Web sites or search engines by typing in the specific error codes. This is a long shot, but a few malicious programs masquerade as system memory errors or cause computer memory issues themselves.--George Bernard Shaw well, eric2004 said that function gets called millions of times over period of 7 hours, so keeping the memory around shouldn't be a problem.

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I then experienced what appears to be a memory problem that eventually crashes the PC.

Up to now this machine has been incredibly reliable. Problem can occur immediately or after a few hours but it's always the same result, the Title Bar on a window disappears and programs fail to execute.

Memory diagnostic tool will check your computer for memory problems.

Depending upon various factors, it could take a few minutes to an hour to complete the test.

After completion of test your computer will start normally.


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