New jersey adult chat groups - Updating kernel with yum

Digital Ocean uses two different methods of managing kernels depending on the operating system and when the Droplet was created.

updating kernel with yum-23updating kernel with yum-79updating kernel with yum-44

The packages are intentionally named kernel-ml so as not to conflict with the RHEL-7 kernels and, as such, they may be installed and updated alongside the regular kernel.

To install kernel-ml you will need elrepo-release-7.0-1.el7.elrepo (or newer).

I'm afraid of screwing something up (I'm not sure what else I'd need to downgrade/update) and I'd like to let yum handle this.

Currently I have Kernel 3.15.700 and 3.11.10 (so I can either update or downgrade).

Changes in Digital Ocean's backend infrastructure have lead to a more modern process that allows users to manage kernels the Droplet.