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The data in this Research Center Update shows that public two-year institutions employ the greatest number of part-time faculty (67%).

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Part-time faculty stay with the same institution for at least seven years. Read this research brief for more insight into the data and its impact on organizing the academy.

Known as the Bologna Process, plans are being developed to replace diverse national university models with a single higher education models that offers a three-year European bachelor's degrees and a two-year master's.

The Seattle Minimum Wage Study Team, based at the University of Washington, is making an ongoing effort to study the effects of this rise in the minimum wage as it happens.

Last August I noted their study of the effects of the first nine months of the minimum wage in 2015 ("Higher Local Minimum Wages: Early Results from Seattle," August 8, 2016).

These contacts include the Chief Executive Officer, Accreditation Liaison Officer, Chief Financial Officer and Data Update Coordinator.