Updating bt home hub

updating bt home hub-28

I have had this new BT Home Hub3 activated last night.

To get connected wireless to my Mac Book Air and i Pod Touch, I had to refresh the Wireless Channel in my BT Home Hub settings.

Since the Home Hub 4, all models have been dual band (i.e. The BT Home Hub works with the now defunct The BT Home Hub 1.0, 1.5 and 2.0 devices connect to the Internet using a standard ADSL connection.

The BT Home Hub 3 and 4 models support PPPo A for ADSL and PPPo E for VDSL2, in conjunction with an Openreach-provided VDSL2 modem to support BT’s FTTC network (BT Infinity).

The latest firmwware is meant to fix the hub resets. So question is how do I get the latest firmware downloaded and also why has my Homehub never been updated by BT??