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Unfortunately, while the 580M cards were installed correctly, SLI was not enabled in the driver as the graphics upgrade was not natively supported by Alienware or Dell, effectively only allowing the use of one GPU.…In the next boot, once I saw the supermicro logo, I pressed “DEL” key to enter BIOS menu.

In your step 3 you have to wait for the system to finish its boot up process and then reboot the system and enter BIOS menu to do the change.

Hi guys, sorry for spamming the forum tonight but I've just spotted the new BIOS for the G750JW.

Consider the operation of updating the BIOS for the Asus update program in the BIOS environment. Not observing the above listed regulations or for any other reason, BIOS code may be corrupted.

To use the update Asus, we need to write the update file to CD in the new format *.rom, where * model of mainboard. Press F2, the BIOS Setup windows is opened, run programs Advanced - Start Easy Flash. Result - computer doesn't load, but work any coolers and indicators of external devices.

Now turn off your computer and with jumper on the mainboard repair BIOS setup (change jumper place CMOS Clear 1-2 to 2-3 and back). USB), then you have to get back into the BIOS and enable them.


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