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Very old motors have the numbers stamped into the flywheel or on the cylinder block. The proper sparkplugs and the correct gap specifications are found in your Operator’s Guide, the service manual, or in the dealer’s Parts & Accessory Catalog.

You can download a model-year guide at: 3) What is my sparkplug gap? If the engine is 1998 or newer, you can consult the EPA Emissions Control Label near the model and serial number tag for sparkplug information.

The Old Outboard Book tells the story of the outboard motor, from the earliest days near the end of the nineteenth century through the dawn of the modern outboard era in the 1960s.

Virtually every outboard motor ever built is here: Caille, Champion, Evinrude, Flambeau, Johnson, Martin, Mercury, Scott-Atwater, Waterwitch--the Big List chapter covers them all.

My son and I went to Lake Pueblo in Colorado and the engine instantly started, warmed up nicely, and we spent the next 4 hours cruising all up and down the lake. You and your family should be very proud of this family business. Albert, I bought a 1957 35hp Johnson Javelin from you a few weeks ago, and just recently got it matched up and mounted to my antique 1956 Larson Falls Flyer boat that my Dad bought in 1960.


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