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Most of the 'nice men' Susan has met over the past 17 years were already committed and, although she has been propositioned by a couple of them, she wants more than just sex and is too moral to contemplate an affair with a married man.

Today, investigators revealed Lovell was stabbed after she climbed out of her bedroom window in Blacksburg, Virginia, last Tuesday.

After an unnamed family member reported the abuse, investigators took the pit bull to a veterinarian, where it was determined that the dog’s genitals exhibited signs of abuse.

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I always enjoyed sex and found it exhilarating, and I miss that physical closeness.

You don't get it with any other human contact.'Those who are menopausal often say hot flushes and mood swings have reduced their sex drive, according to nutrition company Healthspan, which conducted the research.

However, third party websites allow users to search for others by age and gender – making the app particularly attractive to pedophiles and predators and the bane of law enforcement.

Virginia Tech student David Eisenhauer (left), 18, has been charged with the abduction and murder of 13-year-old Nicole Lovell.

Her body was found after a four-day search just over the state line in North Carolina.