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Then Beckford followed Ruckus outside, and a scuffle ensued on the street.Both suffered only minor cuts and bruises, the police were called, but no arrests were made," a source said. Shaik, 25, had an on-and-off love affair with Beckford, 45, starting in 2008. She then began dating Ruckus months after, and later got engaged.

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Tyson, who is dating model Shanina Shaik, didn’t seem too bothered by the 26-year-old’s ranting and even sent him a playful tweet.

But we’re not sure how impressed she’ll be by his latest stunt.

Beckford was born in Rochester, New York on December 19, 1970 to an Afro-Jamaican father of Panamanian descent, Lloyd Beckford, and a Chinese Jamaican mother, Hillary Dixon Hall.

Soon after he was born his mother took the family back to Jamaica, where they lived for seven years before returning to New York, finally settling in The Bronx.

Beckford has been described as the most successful male supermodel of all time, achieving fame and huge contracts similar to the female models that had huge success in the 1990s.


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