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If you’ve been following Scrappy on Instagram lately, you may have noticed that he has created a brand new hashtag.My #TBT is this woman I really love and miss u in my life , I ain’t gone lie shit got real crazy and a mf dipped when it got too heavy , meaning I ain’t handle certain things right even tho sometimes u got on my nerves and my neck wit yo crazy ass I’m a man and should of handle it better cause yean never do nothing that fucked up , real niccaz fuck up too , and I ain’t afraid to say, not saying yean did non that hurt me but never no wack hoe shit , wish u the best my best friend, my ol lady I truly LOVE U #IApologies U #INMYFEELINGS this is not a text A post shared by Lil Scrappy (@reallilscrappy) on And apparently, things got VERY emotional from what I can see, thanks to this photo from VH1LHHTEA: While it’s NOT CONFIRMED that they are officially back together, we can be hopeful and Bambi just may appear on the upcoming season of26 year-old Teonny Spears, is from a small town in Louisiana called Ferriday, where he currently lives.

Khloé Kardashian is getting her groove back with an R&B singer.

The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star wrapped up her 32nd birthday with a new man, "Slow Motion" crooner Trey Songz, sources reveal in the new issue of Us Weekly.

(To be clear, neither one has said that they're romantically involved.) They held hands! They took goofy pictures in front of the White House podium!

They had been spotted at a Mariners game earlier this month, but the Obamas' State Dinner was the first time they had "stepped out" together for the press.

And while the title “Wu-Tang Forever” might first appear to be a bit of rap-blogger trolling coming from a sweater-clad Canadian often derided for his softness, the song is actually a rather thoughtful rumination on growing up obsessed by gangsta braggadocio while living at a safe remove from the mean streets of Compton, Bed-Stuy or Shaolin.