Tomboy personality dating

She’s also a professional when it comes to cuddling. PRO: Underneath the clothes though she’s a total smoke.

She’s active in sports and goes to work at the gym to burn off the calories from her two guilty pleasures: hot wings and beer.

The solution: Level the playing field any way you can so she can still enjoy herself. The solution: She lets you slither away when her friends mention a sale on boots or start complaining about their boyfriends. Tell her the guys want to talk guy stuff (if a buddy's having girl trouble, even better), and she'll most likely bow out of her own accord.

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When you go out together she’s a lot of fun at first but after three or four vodka sodas you become a babysitter and she gets a little sloppy.

PRO: She’s a really good girlfriend and will cook for you, tidy up your apartment and take care of you when you’re sick. Then she’s in hair and makeup mode for an eternity. Kind of makes you wonder what she’s look like without all the fuss. She’s always wearing jeans, converses and loose T-shirts so you can’t really see her figure.

Very sporty, and does not follow the latest fashion trends.

Does not make fun of what most people would call " nerds " or " geeks ", and in fact befriends them most of the time. Girl: Whoa, look at that tomboy out in the football field!

The tomboy has probably always been around and hangs with you and your bros all the time without batting an eye.