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Contact the secretary of state's office for your state and ask for the necessary termination forms.

While the information an LLC needs to provide may differ by state, most require at least the name of the LLC and its members, the filing date, the date the dissolution will be in effect, the reason for making the decision to dissolve and information concerning pending legal actions or unpaid taxes.

Although most states use a similar winding up process, limit the LLCs liability for lawsuits and government fees by first contacting your state's secretary of state to check for any special or state-specific requirements.

Make a formal decision to liquidate or dissolve an LLC by taking a vote to dissolve according to procedures outlined in the LLC articles of organization or in an operating agreement.

If you’re using a set price, be sure to research what other sellers are charging for the same product: Online marketplaces offer access to a broad network of customers, but have much heavier competition than selling locally.

It can take some time to market your products online, so consider asking an assistant or intern to photograph the items and list them on your sites of choice.

Shareholders might want to liquidate a corporation for several reasons including, among others, a division among the shareholders of the corporate assets, sale of the business operated within the corporation, a desire to operate the business as a sole proprietorship or partnership, avoidance of double tax on corporate earnings, and avoidance of personal holding company (PHC) status.