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It is the original and most effective program of its type.

Ultimately, you really do want it to work, because you’re not ready to give up on her, or on your relationship.

You love her, and you’ve put so much into your relationship but just can’t do without a counselor.

Three hundred and forty female participants, 18 to 41 years old, who were in committed heterosexual relationships with partners who used pornography, were recruited from a University in western Canada.

The women completed the Pornography Distress Scale and Couples Satisfaction Index online, which consisted of questions ranging from the mutual use of pornography, whether or not women perceived that their partners were honest about pornography use, and the levels of distress and relationship satisfaction attributed to pornography use.

This is contingent upon whether both partners choose to be honest or be discreet with each other about their pornography consumption."Being honest about pornography use with a partner indicates that the person is comfortable with their own sexuality and the things that sexually titillate, stimulate, arouse, and turn-on their excitation,” said Dr.