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They are the Naturals – Men who understand the matrix of social dynamics, understand what women really want and who are unafraid to take what they want. They are respected by men and lusted after by women.Their lives are adventures of personal discovery and amazing love affairs. They learned to read their social environments, to own their desires and show them to the world without apology. James Marshall is the head coach and founder of The Natural Lifestyles.Dating coach, musician, martial artist and social theorist, James travels the world full time as a major speaker at men’s events and coaches men on all aspects of becoming a true natural ladies man.

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The following principle of smart dating cannot be pushed aside if you really desire a successful dating.1.

Don’t Play Games, Pressure, or Manipulate Someone: If you are looking for friends or relationships that go the distance, they must be built on being genuine.

We ended up with a match rating of 87% (and 11% enemy).

If you think this is the part of the story where we realized we were a perfect fit and walked off into the online dating sunset together, you’ve probably watched “When Harry Met Sally” one too many times. However, when we compared notes a month later, I was surprised to learn we’d both kept our profiles active and gone on more than a dozen dates between us because of Ok Cupid’s match formula.

In our world today, every man and woman much learn the principle of dating, being it normal dating or virtual dating the one that is called online dating.