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Shannan Steele is the only actor cast in both incarnations of this hilarious musical comedy.

Her tragi-comic performance of the very first dating video of the newly widowed- I mean divorced- Rose Ritz is by turns funny, sad and soul shredding.

(All the Scenes are titled with such unusual names that you can’t wait to find out what they mean).

I want to also mention the excellent musical direction by Charlotte Evans.

The musical was first produced in the UK at the Churchill Theatre, Bromley, followed by a short season in the West End Comedy Theatre from July 28, 1999 to September 25, 1999.

Directed by Joel Bishoff, the cast featured Clive Carter, Shona Lindsay, Gillian Kirkpatrick and Russell Wilcox.

In 2008, Kookaburra: The National Musical Theatre Company toured NSW Australia with version of the production with Australian accents and references.