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On Friday morning (August 25, 2017) the American Sun-Times reported Teri Hatcher and boyfriend, to be shopping for engagement rings.

The actress fought back tears as she spoke to TV reporters on the picket lines on Tuesday, but the footage failed to capture the taunting she received from angry writers, who felt she and her co-stars should have joined them on strike. We support the writers and the issues that they're fighting for...

Hatcher insists her co-star was caught up in a tense stand-off, when she simply wanted to show striking writers her support. But we also have contracts and our union says that we have to go to work.

Behind the pale lemon-yellow walls of Susan Mayer’s house, her ex-husband sits at the kitchen table, eating cake and gloating at the angry confrontation he has engineered between Mike the plumber and Susan’s current flame, Dr. As cast and crew members watch, Teri Hatcher careens frantically down Susan’s front walk in a wheelchair, which then tips over and dumps her onto the street.

Again and again, through innumerable rehearsals and countless takes while the cameras are rolling, Hatcher—a tiny woman whose pencil-thin arms and legs make her look like a matchstick doll even when she’s not sprawled on the ground—tumbles out of the wheelchair, repeatedly scraping her knees and bruising her elbows while assuring everyone she’s absolutely fine.

We can picket when we're not filming, like, we can join them and have solidarity, which we do - which is what her gesture was with the pizza, and unfortunately it wasn't received well...


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