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Silly antics of a World War II PT-boat commander and his crew in the South Pacific and Italy. Bilko on the water, for like Phil Silvers' beloved character, Lt. Quinton Mc Hale (played with farcical skill by Oscar winner Ernest Borgnine) is a consummate, always-take-a-shortcut con man, incessantly driving the exasperated Capt.

Tina Message Number: 14527 / Date Posted: 20/06/2008 SACKETT, DAVID from UNKNOWN is being searched for by KIRSTY DALZIEL from ARDROSSAN Im lookingfor my mothers Brother - he will originally be from Wales my Mothers name it Gail and was born in 1958 .... Message Number: 1530 / Date Posted: 10/12/2003 SADIE, FLATHER from EXMOUTH is being searched for by STEVEN MEYER from UNKNOWN hi im steve. Message Number: 14936 / Date Posted: 12/09/2008 SAHOURY, DEANNA from UNKNOWN is being searched for by STEPHANIE MURPHY from LONDON Dee, please contact me asap I have someone very precious to introduce to you. They also lived in Sussex or Surrey Gardens off the Edgware Road in London.

im looking for sadie was in my year at exmouth comunity collage,we left school in 1989. (Your last address in the UK was 8 Mareschal Road, Guildford in Surrey). I do believe they were airlifted to the USA after the war broke out in the Lebanon in 1978 (?

Or dauthers Suad and Nuhad and sons Eyad, Fuad or Zyad who studied computers in 1999. They lived in El A Shar close to the railway station (Muhata katar) in Basrah, they also lived in Belgrade since 1981. Last iformation about them is that Sabih, Suham and Suad, live in Tripoli, Lybia and working as a physics and English professor. Plaease if you know something about this family please let us know....


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