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Corruption and geography isolation keep foreign investment away, good paying jobs are hard to be found, so about 10% of country population is working overseas.

Philippines have one of the highest income inequality of the world.

Filipinos are also one of the shortest people in the world, but I still see their homes ridiculously small.

Bedroom around 6-7 sqm, making 3 bedroom houses to be about 50 sqm, size comparable with Hong Kong apartments despite of much larger country, even more ridiculously, in Hong Kong most apartments are 2-3 bedrooms while in Philippines most apartments are studios or 1 bedroom.

While many girls may offer you a discount when you “bar fine” them for longer than a week or so, on the downside, this “price flexibility” also implies that there’s virtually no limit to how much a girl may demand for her services or simply spending her time with you – especially if you fancy a “stunner” from a busy Go Go bar on Walking Street.


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    Diagnosis A pediatrician can determine whether a child has coxsackie by examining the blisters and assessing other symptoms, like fever. There are estrogen receptors around the bladder as well which can uptake estrogen from this cream when put into the vagina etc.

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    "I have been brought up to face and fight anything, and having met a lot of women who have been affected by breast cancer and seen how brave they are, this has only inspired me more to get involved when I can." For further information please visit: com/tickled-pink and visit Pp W7-y0JIE to see where funds raised are going to help those diagnosed with breast cancer.

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    Use the free market to clean the streets and communities of lawbreakers. The sleeping quarters, wardrobes, showers and toilets for the Team members were right out in the open in each of the four studios. Not everything was shown, of course, only those things that appealed to the prurient and sadistic.

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    Ik geef hierbij aan Midhold bv, of enig aan Midhold B.