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From what Mark theorizes, the title was probably deemed too sexually suggestive, and by the time Hanna-Barbera had actually moved on to production of the episode, shortly before the series’ cancellation, the title would’ve been changed. One should try not to be lead in by the temptation, as they can be extremely persuasive.

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It is very scary, but truth be told you are never allowed to show fear, that is the energy they feed on.

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She wasn't used to being rebuffed, and I clearly had my head up my arse that evening. Believe me, I know from experience as an introverted late teen who barked up this tree in 1972. I became so obsessed that when a beautiful, curvy, strawberry blonde knocked on my dorm room door on Halloween 1972, ostensibly for a driving lesson with a 'stick shift' (my '72 Fiat Spider), I sent her away because my roomy and I were preparing a ritual for the demon of lust Asmodeus in the basement of the college's Interfaith Chapel at midnight!