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sprung the dating game ds walkthrough brett-71

There seems to be a trend emerging, though, and Ubisoft's Sprung is right on the forefront of it.

Despite being fairly reminiscent of the text-based PC adventures of yore, there's really not much quite like Sprung on the market.

Yet, despite some pretty good writing, catchy music, and nicely drawn 2D art, the experience suffers because of repetitive and oft-frustrating gameplay.

Sprung isn't really a dating simulation in the strictest sense, so it could be more aptly described as a romantic adventure.

The writing in Sprung is actually one of the strongest points of the game, and despite some occasional corniness and a few awkward turns, the dialogue is pretty good, which gives you a good sense of each of the characters, though many of them rely on cookie-cutter stereotypes.