Speed dating resources

What to expect: This event is for anyone, including, all ethnicities, sexual orientations and religions.Depending on the amount of daters who attend, dates will last between 2-5 minuets.We are looking to see who can assist in helping with a plug and play solution that any manager can implement, no matter their ranking, from president to first line manager, in order to fill internal jobs with the pre-existing employee talent pool.

Offering free airfare and access to the Fujitsu World Tour at Levi Stadium in Santa Clara, CA on March 9th, 2017 to the best pitch that addresses innovation in retail experience, in the following areas of interest: · “Advanced Image Recognition for grocery and produce” · “Body Imaging for online fashion shopping” · “Mobile and Social Media Applications” Do you have a big idea?

You’ve got 1 minute to make your best impression on our CBC Toronto journalists.

Luv Byrd, a dating app for outdoor enthusiasts, is hosting a speed dating event, and you should join us!

Meet like minded singles, have a couple drinks on us, and have a great night.

The workshops kicked off with energetic remarks by Dr. "It's about supplying the energy the world needs and at the same time doing a much better job of dealing with climate and other environmental impacts," Orr said.