Social adult cam

Our two Low Vision Centres display and demonstrate Our tandem cycling service gets our clients out cycling with volunteer pilots.

Coordinated movements and successful interactions with other people are important for many activities. A large study carried out between researchers at Coventry University and the Autism Research Centre, compared the rates of dyspraxia in adults with and without autism spectrum conditions (ASC).

The team also took measurements of social skills and empathy, to see if adults who had a diagnosis of dyspraxia, but not ASC, have social difficulties that mirror those experienced by adults with ASC.

This is a well used servicethat provides people with an accessible way of keeping fit, getting outside andsocialising.

Cam Sight provides support in Cambridgeshire for people of all ages living with sight difficulties.

Children with ASC show deficits in recognition of complex emotions and mental states from both facial and vocal expressions.