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While at the same time, a host of computer issues also come along with it.

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This just doesn't make sense so I thought I would ask.

I am assuming there must be something to my setup that is causing this slowness. It is however somewhat hard to test as I can only test when I have updates to do. : This is not a error but unexplained slowness Can you reliably replicate it?

Your internet connection is not 52 MBps, it is 52 mbps. So with your 52mbps speed, the fastest you can download is 6.5 MBps But overall, the main issue causing the slow download speed is people with no life DDo S'ing EA servers lately. However, if you were trying to switch your game to another drive, I actually have a shortcut that can help you do this without having to re-download the game. Once transferred re-name the folder "Copy of ..."3. Click on "Origin" in the top-left corner and select "Application Settings..."5. Go back to your "My Games" tab and right-click on the game you want to download / install and select "Download"9.

One thing you can try is to power-cycle your Router and Modem to see if that helps. Let the download go for about 30-60 sec and hit "Pause" (or the Pause symbol)10.

I have 9 instances of nextcloud running on a server. I am currently working on updating from 11.0.3 to 12.0.0 but have had this issue for the last few updates.