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Cet autodidacte,- il a raté à deux reprises l'examen d'entrée de l'Ecole de cinéma de Ljubljana- fonde avec un ami de longu...

Le réalisateur commence à penser au projet dès 2003 mais sa réalisation paraît difficile et trop ambitieuse aux yeux des co-producteurs: "Le sujet était la prostitution dans les Balkans : je devais le tourner dans plusieurs pays, avec (...) Tim Roth dans le rôle principal.

Aleksandra advertises her services (“top-level, discreet, also in English”) under the code name “Slovenian Girl.” It’s a come-on designed to appeal to the wealthy diplomats and businessmen visiting Ljubljana during Slovenia’s turn at the European Union presidency.

But this can be the main theme of the girls in Slovenia.

Men should provide financially for their families everything they need.

It is worth watching this fascinating study of the individual and of the society in which so much has changed in a short time.

The story of Aleksandra, a twenty-three-year-old Slovenian who leads a double life (she is a respectable student and a call girl) was not just possible but very probable.

Before we talk about how to treat girls from Slovenia, we should first clarify why the girls in Slovenia are so special and popular.