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Captain Kirk isn’t the only one who gets to video chat these days.If your kids have a smart phone or laptop, they are likely having a lot of fun online. Through video chatting, older adults can connect with family and friends afar.

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ABSTRACT: This article examines synchronous at-a-distance media consumption from two perspectives: How it can be facilitated using existing consumer displays (through TVs combined with smartphones), and imminently available consumer displays (through virtual reality (VR) HMDs combined with RGBD sensing).

First, we discuss results from an initial evaluation of a synchronous shared at-a-distance smart TV system, Cast Away.

These relationships are important to seniors' well-being.

Thanks to everyone who taught older adults the magic of video chat, and special shoutout to these members who really rocked the campaign!

Through week-long in-home deployments with five couples, we gain formative insights into the adoption and usage of at-a-distance media consumption and how couples communicated during said consumption.