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BEST PRESENT EVER: MOM The afternoon matinee with Allison went really well, and after I returned to college, we texted daily, Skyped weekly and, although we weren't officially dating, we were definitely intrigued and attracted to each other. She said, after a couple of minutes, "Pictures are sent." I was just about to scold her for taking too long when I was alerted I had a text message.

So I grabbed my phone, giddy with excitement, and clicked on the text. Raske answered, "I thought that was best, especially since your mother will be in Boston in two weeks." "Good," I agreed, "she is not to know." "Of course," she replied, before adding, "sorry, I'm not really good with technology.

My sincere condolences go to Chad and their two childrenthere are (at least!

) two easter eggs to be found on Roxy The Movie: select And But Also, press up button, click FZs moustache, and youll see the Cheepnis Monster Movie; select Titles Back, press up button, and click sun icon for sped-up footage of the band sound-checking.

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